RossHill + Spiral Systems

When we look at a line in 2D which returns to the same place this forms a circle, then we can add an upwards / downwards direction and it becomes a 3D spiral. Add 4D and the spiral expands into time as a spinning vortex.

As we twirl into 2019 this is a nice reminder that everything is rarely as flat and predictable as we would occasionally like to believe. Take the solar system – we are celebrating the completion of a circle of the planet moving around the sun, yet our sun and solar system are also moving (quite fast – at around 72,000kmh!). Watching this animation might help you imagine the motion of our solar system.

So where the earth sits this year in the galaxy is actually not where it sat this time one year ago, because we are spiralling as aspects of those expanded systems. Then suddenly the universe feels a little bit deeper than it was before.

Happy year, do enjoy your spiralling onward and upward and inward and outward!

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