Being able to send the world whatever you are seeing, feeling, noticing, whatever you find interesting. That’s why the internet is awesome.

There are many ways to put these things online. Most of us have a habit of posting to Mark’s site or Jack’s site, but why? They feel open and welcoming at first, but while you’re tending to your little patch you inevitably wake up one day and someone has put up a giant billboard that’s blocking out the sunlight. Jack and Mark have been ruining the gardens.

When you click a hyperlink it needs to take you places. The internet is awesome because it has links not walls, and by following all those links you can reach across the world to find heaps of new things.

I am posting this to my own presence on the open web, and today I’m posting this from Tha Tien which was Bangkok’s largest market in the early Rattanakosin era of the 17th century. Today the market still sells dried salted seafood products and wholesale products, such as the Carnation milk which is vital for iced coffees and mango sticky rice.

Thanks to Anne and Nick and Jan and Simon and Steve and Sam and Taylor and Fred and Jason and John for sharing new things from your own sites.

Let’s turn up the volume.

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