San Telmo coffee in Melbourne


Wandering the laneways of Melbourne with open eyes reveals all sorts of remarkable places. Behind the eminent Windsor Hotel on Spring Street is a largely unremarkable working laneway with everyday visitors like the laundry van, the rubbish truck and the handful of workers taking a moment outside the wall of their hotel jobs.

Glancing along Windsor Place you may also spot a trio of leafy green plants that mark the rear entrance of Argentinian restaurant San Telmo. With an imported and imposing hand made parilla charcoal grill this kitchen is clearly focused on their meats.

Their coffee machine also operates through the night while other local baristas are pedaling home. On an evening when you’re nearby, wander down Windsor Place and check to see if the lights are on at the bar. A moment later you can be caffeinated and on your way, or maybe lured further inside by the aromas of the day.

San Telmo‘s back entrance is on Windsor Place in Melbourne.

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