Ms G's

Ms G’s

After walking the streets of backpacker soaked Potts Point it is quite a surprise to climb the stairs and be presented with this shining panorama of central Sydney. What looks questionable from under the glow of the neon sign outside quickly becomes a shiny expat tour of Vietnam, Thailand, China and Korea.

As the feast arrives in a somewhat chaotic barrage of plates be sure to save yourself for the wild desserts at the end – mine was green tea ice cream atop a chocolate soil pile of Yuzu curd, adzuki bean, coffee jelly and berries. All of this is best washed down by the cocktail slushies that are served like bubble tea. Pop!

Find Ms G’s at 155 Victoria St in Potts Point, Sydney.

What's next? Ms G’s, 8bit Burgers, Attend the Do Lectures, Meditate in the park, ...

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