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This is the land of flat whites and these are the places you should be going for top coffee service in 2015:

1. Sun Moth (Niagara Ln, Melbourne). Start your day with a simple set of poached eggs and kale. With a relaxed atmosphere in the morning, everything gets a little louder later on when there’s always something new to discover on tap and in the bottles.

2. Patricia Coffee (Little William St, Melbourne) is standing room only alongside the suits from the surrounding banks, consulting firms and lawyers from the court. The coffee is black, white or filter and rotates through beans from Market Lane, Seven Seeds, Small Batch, and Proud Mary.

3. Market Lane (Therry St, Melbourne) will serve you an incredible coffee and then sell you the gear to brew your own at home. At the Queen Vic Market they have a shop on Therry St and another inside the frantic Deli Hall – each with their own distinct expression of dedication to great coffee.

4. Shortshop Donuts (Sutherland Ln, Melbourne) toured the finest donut producers in the world and posted all the highlights to Instagram, so when they opened their Melbourne shop everything was sold out in the first few hours. See if you can catch a creme brûlée or try the honey cruller style?

5. Aunty Peg’s (Wellington St, Collingwood) have raised the bar with their ‘cellar door for black coffee’, where they also roast and sell the Proud Mary beans. You must try their cold brew on tap that looks like a Guinness but tastes like a really smooth chilled coffee.

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