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Italian Waiters Club

Anne and I have moved to an apartment in the heart of Melbourne after a year of living along the beach in St Kilda.

Why Melbourne? We are a small city of 4.3 million that come from all around the world, our airport has good connections to international hubs, we have a transport network that connects us through the city to a range of diverse neighbourhoods, we have flat whites, there are great coworking spaces, healthcare is good, crime is low, 81% of us have smartphones with the fastest LTE speeds, it’s not far to escape to the mountains or the coastline, we have four seasons in a moment to keep us moving and the best things happen to those who wander the laneways.

Early wandering has revealed these top spots: KrimperShortstop DonutsTravellerRomeo Lane, Ruyi Dumplings, Whiskey and Alement, and of course the Waiters Club. Where to next?

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What's next?

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  2. Sarasvati
  3. Ghosting
  4. Ninehours
  5. Toranomon Koffee
  6. % Arabica Kyoto
  7. Fabcafe
  8. Spectrum
  9. Reuben Hills
  10. iPhone 6
  11. Do Lectures
  12. Apple Pay
  13. Living