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Cafe Dinh Hanoi

After spending the year of 2013 adventuring through Asia I began to appreciate the larger phone screens everyone had. Watching videos, playing games, looking at photos, scrolling through feeds of information… all the visual apps we use seem to make more sense on a larger screen.

Apple sell the most expensive phones, yet most of the phones in the world are Android. When I joined Cotap to focus on workplace messaging I started using a Nexus 5 to learn the distinctions between the two major platforms. Next to the iPhone 5S I was using before that, the Nexus 5 had a much larger screen, similar performance and battery, a slightly worse camera, yet was less than half the price at $400. All my favourite apps were there and when I logged in with my Google account I could feel the cloud bring life into my phone by adding my contacts and calendar and photos. Notifications and widgets were much more powerful and often I didn’t need to formally launch an app to do simple actions. Android apps work with each other and so you can go from a webpage to a tweet to foursquare place to a map, and then back again with the back button. That’s how the web works with your browser but Apple has kept everything apart. The one thing that I missed most was Apple’s fingerprint scanner for unlock and payment – we unlock our phones around 100 times per day so that is quite useful.

Today I switched back to an iPhone 6 Plus. Everything great about Apple and with a massive 5.5 inch screen. Yes it does fit in my pocket and although it’s awkward to ask – yes you can try it in your pocket too next time you see me!

As the world gets more mobile our phones are already the device we spend the most time on each day. I use my laptop less and less and a larger phone should pair nicely with a small watch next year :)

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