Up in the Australian mountains along the Mitte Mitte river is an awesome place called Payne's Hut. Once a year, the doers of the world gather there to tell their stories. Three days later they are unleashed into the world. What happens in the middle is a bit of mystery.

There are many ingredients that go into the Do Lectures and the one that matters most is conversation. You see people talking with each other from the moment they poke their heads out of the tent as the generator kicks in at 6am, as they go for a run together through the valley, as they wait in line for the showers, as they fuel up at the coffee table (thank you, Market Lane), as they wander through the land to arrive at the mighty teepee for the talks. And that's just the first hour each day. Ideas need conversation.

Do brings together an eclectic bunch of people and during a few days of magic an incredible community flares up. They take life to a deeper level. They help you release the handbrake in your mind. And there is a moment when you realise that you don't have to do all this work alone, because you are connected to each other now. People need community.

The clock is ticking. Apply for DO Australia 2015.

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