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After working with some really brilliant people in the innovation and tech startup space for the past four years I am taking some time to play. In 2013 I am exploring the world.

With Deloitte Australia we applied the innovation program to the entire firm, spreading the idea of crowdsourcing as part of everyday business. At Yammer I built the Australian team to rewire the way that people work in organisations by building personal connections with open communication. We grew these ideas with some great communities like Deloitte, NAB, Westfield, Suncorp and Earth Hour.

Between those two roles I created The Hive networking events for entrepreneurs, started the Melbourne chapter of the Awesome Foundation to spread awesomeness in the universe, and organised a conference called Mindful to discuss mindfulness when everything is connected.

What’s next? Plenty of traveling across the earth, constant learning, writing and exploring the edges where the digital and physical worlds meet.

Keep your eyes open.